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When learning French becomes a game!

Lingo Bros. will allow your kids to learn French quicker that anywhere else while having his time of their life.

Who we are

We are a French club in Notting Hill who has developed a unique methodology to teach French to children from the age of 2 to 12 years old. We create a learning environment that feels more like playtime and less like school. Our pride is that kids never feel they are in a classroom and are very eager to come back. And when you have fun, one learns quicker, faster and a more efficient manner.

Why Lingo Bros

We have developed a unique way of teaching French through movies, songs, role play and games with our students. Our methodology enables children to feel confident to interact in French in different day to day situations. Our students will be able to go to France and make friends with French children in the playground, interact in French with their relatives, or simply be inspired to use words and sentences in day to day situations at home.

About us

We are 2 brothers who embarked on this Journey in the summer 2012 when we organised our first summer French club in Notting Hill. Our dream has always been for a child to learn to speak French within a couple of years. The key to our success has been to combine our unique methodology around movies with role-plays. Finding a perfect balance between the playfulness and the academic element of learning a language has been the key to our success at teaching French.

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