About Us

Once upon a time…

As children, we both struggled with languages. The way languages were taught to us in school just never seemed to connect.

Our personal struggle with languages has always inspired us to create a way for children to learn French that is more intuitive. Something that is comfortable – something that makes sense. In 2012, we put that dream to action and organised our very first summer club.

We like to think we learned just as much as the children that summer. It was exciting to watch our first group of students become more confident as the weeks went on – not only in their French but in themselves.

We created activities around our own favourite Disney movies, playing games where the children were the Lost Boys, helping Peter Pan recover stolen treasure from Captain Hook. We loved seeing how the children became more active and involved when they played games and used their imaginations. We wondered how simple it would be for children to learn if we built those same stories into regular French lessons…

And so, our French club was born.

Our mission

We want to change the way language has always been taught by enabling children to learn and speak French in an intuitive way.

We strive to create a comfortable, familiar environment where children feel genuinely interested in learning French and look forward to each and every lesson.

Michael & Arnaud – The Lingo Bros.

ENROL NOW – Contact us on 07749 140708 or email info@lingobros.com