French Lessons

Fun French lessons for 2 to 7 years old

When children get to use their imagination and play an active role in their lessons, they are more likely to feel inspired to learn French. At Lingo Bros, we want learning to feel like playtime – not like school.

You can read more about our unique teaching methodology here.

Lesson structure

With the right structure, support and age-appropriate lessons, we believe children are limitless in their ability to absorb new knowledge.

At Lingo Bros, children are taught in small groups so they receive the attention they need and deserve. Groups are structured across four levels (Level 0 – Level 3), based on each child’s age and ability.

4 levels to suit your child’s age and ability

Which character sounds most like your child? Find out which level is right for them, so they can start their journey towards learning French.

2.5 – 4 YEAR OLDS

Meet Casper the Clown! Casper loves playing games and making jokes. He has fun watching Peppa Pig as it helps him speak his first words in French and improve his pronunciation.

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Meet Annie Anti-Gravity! Annie is always dashing around on adventures with her friends. She understands basic French vocabulary and whizzes through simple questions.

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Meet Pierre the Pirate! Pierre loves to search for treasure. He can navigate his way through lots of French words, verbs and adjectives with fun and exciting role play.

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Meet Horacio the Hot Air Balloonist! Horacio is a thrill-seeker at heart, and loves to tell you about his adventures. He understands specific grammar, giving him the confidence to ask about the weather, describe what he does during the day, and talk about his favourite hobbies.

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