French Lessons

Fun French Lessons for 2 to 12 Year Olds

When children use their imagination and play an active role during lessons they become inspired to learn French, and of course have fun talking. For this reason, our lessons are divided into two parts that alternate during the class. The first part uses the Skoldo books and the second part is based on a story.

Children use the Skoldo books to give structure to their learning, helping to develop vocabulary and grammar. As your child progresses, there is a bigger emphasis on role-play, grammar, spelling and sounds.

During the second part of the lesson, children travel through a story. They watch short videos and answer questions.  The videos lead to a specific challenge, where the children take part in a playful activity to help the characters in their adventures. This enables children to learn new words, verbs and adjectives whilst travelling through stories. Children are taught in groups from Level 1 to 6, based on their age and ability. There is a maximum of 6 students per class.

Six levels to suit your child’s age and ability

Which character sounds most like your child? Find out which level is right for them, so they can start their journey towards learning French.

2.5 – 4 YEAR OLDS

Casper the Clown loves playing games. He is ready to learn basic vocabulary, formulate little sentences, answer simple questions, and improve his pronunciation.

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Annie Anti-Gravity is always dashing around on adventures with her friends. Level 2 teaches Annie basic vocabulary and encourages her to whizz through simple questions using the personal pronoun “Je, il, elle”.

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Pierre the Pirate loves to search for treasure. He also enjoys doing grown up things like going to a cafe or restaurant. During this level, Pierre navigates his way through lots of French words, verbs and adjectives with fun and exciting role play.

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7 – 10 YEAR OLDS

Horacio the Hot Air Balloonist is a thrill-seeker at heart, and loves to tell you about his adventures. This level teaches Horacio specific grammar, giving him the confidence to ask about the weather, describe what he does during the day, and talk about his favourite hobbies.

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8 – 10 YEAR OLDS

Jenny Jet Stream is always flying around from one place to another. This level teaches her to have little conversations through role play. She’ll join the crew on their fun adventures, to spark her imagination and help her to learn.

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8 – 12 YEAR OLDS

Astrid the Astronaut loves jetting off to France. Level 6 teaches her more advanced grammar and vocabulary through fun role play. She integrates this into her conversations, learning how to buy groceries and order food.

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