Level 0: Ages 2.5 to 4

Meet Casper the Clown!

Casper loves playing games and making jokes. He has fun watching Peppa Pig as it helps him speak his first words in French and improve his pronunciation.

About the Lessons

Level 0 has been designed for true beginners. We want to give your child an introduction to French that makes them excited about learning and unafraid to try new things.

Level objective

Children gain confidence to interact and talk in French using simple sentences. They also learn songs and listen to the teacher reading stories.


Peppa Pig, Masha, Michka, Paw Patrol…

Class size

5 children per class


45 minutes


“Our son has had very little exposure to other languages in the home environment, yet he now insists we count in french, corrects our grammar when we attempt to speak french, and without a doubt has a far broader grasp of the language than we could have hoped for!

I have recommended it to friends, and will continue to do so – Dylan adores coming to this class and never wants to miss it. He seems genuinely stimulated and interested, and he has really flourished under his teachers care.

Monsieur Arnaud is so positive and patient with our active little boy. We couldn’t ask for more and even though Dylan starts school this year, we will endeavour to continue classes at Lingo Bros. as it’s just such a highlight for Dylan’s week.”

Lisa Ryan
(Dylan, 2.9 years old)

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