Level 1: Ages 2.5 to 4

Level 1 for 2 – 4 Year Olds

When Casper the Clown has fun watching Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo and his other favourite stories, it helps him learn French words and phrases. As his confidence builds, he is able to answer more challenging questions and formulate little sentences.

About the Lessons

Inspired by popular stories, children watch videos and play games, learning to answer questions in French.

As the children are so young, there are three levels of difficulty when asking questions. This eases them into learning and builds confidence.

For example, for the second level of difficulty, the teacher will ask “Mowgli écoute la chanson?” and the group answers the question “Non, Mowgli chante la chanson”.

This builds their vocabulary each lesson, helping them to answer more challenging questions and formulate little sentences as they progress on their journey to learning French.


Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians, The Fox and the Hound, The Lady and the Tramp, the Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Mowgli, The Little Mermaid, Brother Bear, Ice Age, Finding Nemo, the Good Dinosaur, Cars.

Class Size & Duration

Up to 5 children per class, or smaller private groups can be organised. Sign up for a term (typically 10-12 weeks) and choose to have 1 or 2 classes per week. Each class lasts 50 minutes.


“Our son has had very little exposure to other languages in the home environment, yet he now insists we count in french, corrects our grammar when we attempt to speak french, and without a doubt has a far broader grasp of the language than we could have hoped for!

I have recommended it to friends, and will continue to do so – Dylan adores coming to this class and never wants to miss it. He seems genuinely stimulated and interested, and he has really flourished under his teachers care.

Monsieur Arnaud is so positive and patient with our active little boy. We couldn’t ask for more and even though Dylan starts school this year, we will endeavour to continue classes at Lingo Bros. as it’s just such a highlight for Dylans week.”

Lisa Ryan
(Dylan, 9 months)

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