Level 1: Ages 4 to 5

Meet Annie Anti-Gravity!

Annie is always dashing around on adventures with her friends. She understands basic French vocabulary and whizzes through simple questions.

About the Lessons

Level 1 is for children who are ready to expand their French vocabulary and become more confident in their French. We want to encourage your children to learn from their mistakes and keep trying new things.

Level objective

Children building their confidence to interact and talk in French. They are learning a lot of new vocabulary and their pronunciation is improving.


Frozen, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Cinderella…

Class size

Up to 6 children per class (private groups available)


50 minutes


“The exuberant joy the boys have now for french.

I am very careful to call it French Club (not school). it has given them both CONFIDENCE and therefore PLEASURE. “Mummy i am no good at French.” is no longer uttered in our house. Instead the boys colour in their club sheets and scream “Je mange le Pantalon!” Silly, but i don’t mind because they are engaged and saying phrases without being self-conscious.

I already do recommend Lingo Bros. The boys race to the classroom. we get there earlier and earlier now as they are so keen to start. They are engaged. They have fun, have gained confidence and I appreciate enthusiasm they come away with.

With the majority of the teachers they have being women, i like the fact that french club gives them a taste of a male teacher. The gentleman are incredibly patient with the boys and I suspect it is their core enthusiasm which is so contagious!”

Emma Wilson
(Hudson, 4yrs & Parker,  5yrs)

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