Level 2: Ages 5 to 6

Meet Pierre the Pirate!

Pierre loves to search for treasure. He can navigate his way through lots of French words, verbs and adjectives with fun and exciting role play.

About the Lessons

Level 2 is for children who are becoming more confident in their French and are hungry to learn more. These children may still make mistakes but are confident enough to bounce back.

Level objective

Children are reinforcing the vocabulary they’ve already learned while introducing new vocabulary and some grammar rules. Their confidence continues to grow and their pronunciation is improving.


Minions, Lion King, Moana, Tarzan…

Class size

Up to 6 children per class (private groups available)


60 minutes


“The approach and enthusiasm the teachers have are outstanding, as well as their innovative way of thinking to keep the children interested at all times.

My daughter is more outspoken and confident to start to interact in French with me. So I would definitely recommend the class to other parents.

They are interactive, enthusiastic, and always interested in catering to each child individually to make them progress. They send constant updates on my daughter’s progress whether it be positive or be it constructive criticism to make sure that my daughter is continuously stimulated.”

Joss lliffe
(Ella, 5 yrs old)

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