Level 3: Ages 6 to 8

Meet Martin the explorer!

Martin is a thrill-seeker at heart and loves adventures. He understands advanced grammar giving him the confidence to interact in French and talk about his hobbies and his new discoveries.

About the Lessons

Level 3 is for children who are comfortable and confident in their French abilities. We are focused on inspiring these children to continue speaking French as they grow and setting them up with the tools they need to succeed.

Level objective

Children are confident speakers and enjoy talking in French. They are learning more sophisticated vocabulary and grammar.


Shrek, The Secret Life of Pets, Despicable Me…

Class size

Up to 6 children per class (private groups available)


60 minutes


“Michael and Arnaud have a unique approach to learning French, and their lessons are instructive, engaging, and, most importantly for this age, FUN!

Barron and Snowdon are both much more confident and more fluent in French and this has also been noticed by their French teachers at school.

Michael and Arnaud have developed a brilliant method of teaching French to young children, and I would HIGHLY recommend their classes to anyone looking to improve their children’s French abilities.

Barron and Snowdon look forward to their lessons which is a dream for a parent.”

Whitney Bromberg
(Barron, 8yrs & Snowdon, 6yrs)

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