The Lingo Bros Methodology

Helping their heroes, living the adventure, being fully engaged & immersed

Part 1 – Helping their heroes ➔ Words & sentences

Children travel through a story and build the confidence to answer questions and naturally pick up specific vocabulary. This is achieved with interactive materials around movies such as Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig to enable children to talk and learn. Playful activities are also organised to help the heroes in their adventures.

Part 2 – Singing & playing along ➔ Pronunciation

Learning a song and using playful activities makes the lessons very intuitive as children are active, laughing and eager to keep singing the song long after each session.

Part 3 – Being fully engaged & immersed ➔ Practice

The teacher gives a theatrical dimension when reading a story to engage the students in French while having fun and practicing what they have learned during the lesson.

Once they have acquired more confidence to speak French, role-plays reflecting day-to-day situations at home or in shops are organised where children interact with each other. The goal is to give them the confidence to interact in French with their relatives or when travelling to France.

Our Mission

Everything has been thought and design in our lesson to break the complexity of learning a new language, to make it accessible from a very young age, and to give the vision to each of our students that one day they will be fluent at speaking French.