The Lingo Bros Methodology

Helping their heroes, living their adventures, being fully engaged & immersed

Part 1 – Cartoons & Games ➔ Words & sentences

Children travel through a story and build the confidence to answer questions as they improve their vocabulary naturally. With the use of interactive materials and imagery of their favourite characters, the children are able to learn and talk. Playful activities are also organised where the children help the heroes of their adventures on fun tasks.

Part 2 – Songs ➔ Pronunciation

Learning a song and doing playful activities encourages children to learn intuitively by being active, laughing and eager to keep singing the song long after the sessions.

Part 3 – Sory & role-play ➔ Practice

Using a theatrical dimension when reading a story makes interacting playful and enables the children to practice what they have learnt during the lessons. Once the children have gained confidence, we carry out role-plays about day to day situations. This enables them to interact in French with relatives or when travelling to France.

We teach 30 and 45 minutes

30 min lessons

These classes enable our new and younger students to familiarise themselves with our French lessons, songs and stories, easing them into interacting in French.

45 min lessons

These classes are more challenging but remain fun and stimulating as the children deepen their vocabulary and interactions in French.