Why our unique method

To give a child the confidence and the required level to speak in different situations, it is essential to make the learning very intuitive, dynamic and fun. This is achieved by combining our unique methodology around cartoons and doing engaging role plays.

The first part of our lessons around cartoons videos enable children to rapidly gain the confidence to answer questions with ease, to learn naturally a specific vocabulary and grammar, while traveling through great adventures.

For the second part of each lesson they put into action everything they learned in the first part to do role plays. We create different situations where the children and the teacher ask to each other questions. As the child progress in our 6 levels, more complex role plays are introduced. This can be to introduce themselves, to buy an ice cream, to ask for information…

We also use other tools to enable each child to break from their shelf to talk easily in French. This includes learning songs in a fun and dynamic way or listening to stories read by the teacher theatrically to encourage children to interact in French.

Our Mission

Everything has been thought and design in our lesson to break the complexity of learning a new language, to make it accessible from a very young age, and to give the vision to each of our students that one day they will be fluent at speaking French.