Our Method

Learn French through storytelling

The way we teach french at Lingo Bros. is by narrating stories in an animated way, naturally engaging the children to interact in French as they immerse themselves in the storytelling. Using stories as a backdrop to our lessons, children gain a feel for the French language and acquire French grammar and vocabulary in an intuitive way.

With 4 levels, we guide our students from complete beginners to being able to interact and speak in French with ease, when travelling to France and interacting with French speakers in day-to-day situations.

Watch one of our lessons


LEVEL 1 - Setting the foundations

French for beginners has never been easier as we introduce new French words gradually. Allowing the children to familiarise themselves with the French language as they get a feel for it and build up the confidence to speak and interact in French.

This level is perfect for your child if she/he has no prior French experience. As well as for children with a French speaking parent/grandparent but struggles to speak French with you at home.

    LEVEL 2 - Feeling at ease in French

    Having learnt the foundations and gained the confidence to interact in French in level 1, we continue to introduce a wider range of vocabulary and grammar as we begin forming sentences.

    This level is perfect for your child if she/he has completed level 1 or has a French speaking parent/grandparent and needs to practice and gain the confidence speaking in French.

    LEVEL 3 - Feeling confident to speak

    Now that you child feels at ease when speaking about day-day subjects, using grammatical tenses and interacting in French, it is time to begin what we like to call as free-speech.

    In this level, we begin to ask the children questions about their day-to-day lives as a way to encourage them to form sentences from memory, based on what was learnt in level 1 and 2.

    This level is for intermediate French speakers having completed level 1 and 2. Or for those with a French parent who requires help with using correct tenses and grammatical use. Whilst it may sound counterintuitive, children growing up in multilingual homes are often the ones needing private lessons the most in order to gain the confidence to speak their second or third language as well as the language they speak at school and with their friends. 

    LEVEL 4 - Feeling fluent

    Putting all that was learnt in Levels 1, 2 & 3 into practice, In this level your child will learn to go beyond simply answering questions as they gain the confidence to instigate basic conversation, independently of prompts.


    This level is for children who have been learning French with us for some time and are ready to engage in French conversations with other French speakers with ease and confidence, when travelling to France or speaking to other French speakers.

     But remember! Practice makes perfect.


    Why learn French with us?

    Because we make learning French fun! With us, learning becomes a game which makes our lessons not just enjoyable but more memorable also. Literally, children find it easier to remember content learnt when they enjoy themselves. Which is why children learn through play. With our 1:1 online French lessons your child will have lessons with a private French tutor from the comfort of your home. No more commuting and no more waiting. With our online language course, learning French for kids has never been easier.

    Benefits of learning French

    With over 300 million French speakers, spread across 5 continents, speaking French opens a multitude of opportunities. Learning a new language has been linked to fostering empathy and acceptance, as well as enhancing cognitive performances. Such as critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Which is why many bilingual kids score higher on standardised tests.

    Daniella, Inca (5) & Max (6)

    Michael has been teaching my children French for the past year. They absolutely love their lessons with him. He really has the knack of bringing learning to life and they look forward to their lesson with him each week. I hope they continue learning and enjoying French with Michael for many years to come. I would recommend him and his methods of teaching to anybody keen to share the joy of learning another language with their children.

    Marjorie, Joseph (4)

    Joseph absolutely loves his French lessons which he thinks of a game, while we notice his amazing progress in French. The Lingo Bros team is brilliant at handling pre-school children. It has been a great way to keep up with his mother tongue.

    Fabienne, Beathrice (5) & Gregorio (3)

    Bibi has improved in french and I feel that since she has started with you she feels more comfortable talking french. She
    is more confident and less shy.

    Whitney, Snowden (5) & Barron (7)

    It is an absolute pleasure writing a reference in regards to the French lessons Barron and Snowdon have had with you this year. They have not only gained an interest in French (my main objective for them), but they have made tremendous progress in their spoken French and understanding. Most importantly, they love their lessons and now regularly ask to watch French cartoons and are very aware and interested in different languages and cultures. I couldn’t be happier with your lessons and look forward to watching their continued progress over the next year.

    Bella, Max (3), Oliver & Theo (4), Jessy (5)

    I have 4 boisterous boys, varying ages from 3 to 5 and somehow he manages to not only keep their attention but to also make them look forward to the next class before the current one even finishes!