Our son has had very little exposure to other languages in the home environment, yet he now insists we count in french, corrects our grammar when we attempt to speak french, and without a doubt has a far broader grasp of the language than we could have hoped for!

I have recommended it to friends, and will continue to do so – Dylan adores coming to this class and never wants to miss it. He seems genuinely stimulated and interested, and he has really flourished under his teachers care.

Monsieur Arnaud is so positive and patient with our active little boy. We couldn’t ask for more and even though Dylan starts school this year, we will endeavour to continue classes at Lingo Bros. as it’s just such a highlight for Dylans week.

Lysa Ryan
(Dylan, 2.9 years old)

The exuberant joy the boys have now for french.

I am very careful to call it French Club (not school). it has given them both CONFIDENCE and therefore PLEASURE. “Mummy i am no good at French.” is no longer uttered in our house. Instead the boys colour in their club sheets and scream “Je mange le Pantalon!” Silly, but i don’t mind because they are engaged and saying phrases without being self-conscious.

I already do recommend Lingo Bros. The boys race to the classroom. we get there earlier and earlier now as they are so keen to start. They are engaged. They have fun, have gained confidence and I appreciate enthusiasm they come away with.

With the majority of the teachers they have being women, i like the fact that french club gives them a taste of a male teacher. The gentleman are incredibly patient with the boys and I suspect it is their core enthusiasm which is so contagious!

Emma Wilson
(Hudson, 4yrs & Parker, 5yrs)

The approach and enthusiasm the teachers have are outstanding, as well as their innovative way of thinking to keep the children interested at all times.

My daughter is more outspoken and confident to start to interact in French with me. So I would definitely recommend the class to other parents.

They are interactive, enthusiastic, and always interested in catering to each child individually to make them progress. They send constant updates on my daughter’s progress whether it be positive or be it constructive criticism to make sure that my daughter is continuously stimulated.

Joss lliffe
(Ella, 6 yrs old)

Michael and Arnaud have a unique approach to learning French, and their lessons are instructive, engaging, and, most importantly for this age, FUN!

Barron and Snowdon are both much more confident and more fluent in French and this has also been noticed by their French teachers at school.

Michael and Arnaud have developed a brilliant method of teaching French to young children, and I would HIGHLY recommend their classes to anyone looking to improve their children’s French abilities.

Barron and Snowdon look forward to their lessons which is a dream for a parent.

Whitney Bromberg
(Barron, 8 years old & Snowdon, 6 years old)