What parents say

Lingo Bros is a brilliant school for children to learn a new language. My two girls have loved their classes with Michael. They are always happy to go to their lessons and never complains. They now enjoy speaking French at home and practices their skills whenever they get a chance. Michael carefully ensures that each child is placed in a class that is the most appropriate for their level and ensures that all children are happy to participate. The methodology is unique and fits young children very well.

Caroline Drouot
(Laetitia, 3.5 yrs & Leoni, 5yrs)

Thank you for the wonderful introduction to French for our children.

Miss Delaney’s nursery

Michael and Arnaud have a unique approach to learning French, and their lessons are instructive, engaging, and, most importantly for this age, FUN!

Barron and Snowdon are both much more confident and more fluent in French and this has also been noticed by their French teachers at school, and look forward to their lessons which is a dream for a parent.

Michael and Arnaud have developed a brilliant method of teaching French to young children, and I would HIGHLY recommend their classes.

Whitney Bromberg
(Barron, 4 years old & Snowdon, 5 years old)


My kids love these classes. Such enthusiastic and energetic teachers. A really fun way to get the kids involved and wanting to learn French.

Amelia Gregory
(Ella, 4 yrs old)

An energetic and engaging class, Michael is fantastic with the children and makes learning French really fun through song, reading, play and acting. Highly recommend.

Rebecca Kelley
(Wilfred, 4 years old)


I highly recommend the Ling Bros. Very friendly, efficient and approachable. My son did not have any French background and has been learning a lot. I tried to enroll him to another French class in addition to this one but he refused to attend the other class. He is still going to Lingo Bros.

Farokh Zhand
(Daniel, 4 years old)