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From beginners to confident speakers in one year!

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Bringing French to Life

At LingoBros. we make learning French for kids into an exciting adventure by incorporating kids’ favourite stories like Paw Patrol, Minions, and many other classics into the way we teach French. With over 10 years of experience, what sets us apart is placing the theatrical interaction between child and teacher at the heart of our French lessons.

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How we teach

1:1 French tutoring for children

Learn French online

With just one lesson a week over a year, our structured program guides children from complete beginners to feeling at ease in day-to-day French conversations. Our simple French learning techniques are based on 4 progressive levels:

  1. Provides the foundation and confidence to speak French.
  2. Introduces role-play situations like buying and selling.
  3. Expands on grammar and more complex role-plays.
  4. Enables kids to use complex grammar, such as past, present, and future tenses, and to speak confidently about daily routines, activities, and hobbies.

Inspiring confidence

Our goal? Empowering children to love French! Through our fun, interactive French lessons for kids, we boost confidence and foster a lifelong passion for the language. Our approach focuses on fostering a supportive environment where kids feel encouraged to practice and engage actively in French.


If this sounds like something your child would enjoy, book a trial lesson with us, and see the magic of Lingo Bros for yourself!


French learning made simple

  • With us, learning French becomes and exciting adventure.
  • Our skilled and enthusiastic teachers bring storytelling to life
  • The playful exchange between teacher and student is at the heart of our lessons.

Our teachers


Michael, one of our founders, is a big kid at heart and easily connects with his students. With over 10 years of experience teaching French in nurseries, to groups, as a private tutor, and organizing French holiday kids’ clubs, he masterfully blends playfulness with learning.


Anais studied modern languages and worked in several bilingual nurseries before joining LingoBros. Her contagious energy and warm smile make it easy for children to feel comfortable and at ease with her from their very first lesson.


Founded in 2012 by brothers Michael and Arnaud, LingoBros. was created to provide children the most engaging, entertaining, and interactive learning experience possible, while maintaining high expectations for their progress in confidently speaking the language.

With over a decade of experience teaching French to young children, we are the faces behind the online French language school you see today. We specialize in private French lessons for kids, making learning French playful and easy to grasp for beginners. Our beginner French courses take children from novices to confident speakers in just one year!

Practical information

About our lessons

Our online private French lessons for kids take place via Zoom, with each lesson lasting 35 minutes and costing £45.

We offer a 20% sibling discount so that all your children can benefit from learning French with us.

Weekly lessons are available Monday to Saturday during term times.


By incorporating fun into our learning process, it transforms learning into a game, making our lessons not only enjoyable but also more memorable. Research shows that content learned in a fun environment tis easier to remember.

Learning a new language not only nurtures empathy and acceptance but also amplifies cognitive abilities, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

With our one-on-one French lessons for kids online, it’s like having a private tutor right in your home.

With our kids online French courses, kids can easily learn French from anywhere in the world. French for kids online has never been simpler.