About our lessons

What does my child need for the lesson? Our lessons take place over Zoom and for the lesson, your child will need to have access to a computer with a camera and access to a screen. A computer or iPad screen will do, although phones cannot be used as their screens are too small.

My child is already learning French/English at school! Our online private French and English lessons are a great complementary add-on for any child already having group lessons at school. With 1:1 private lesson with us, your child will be able to practice what they have learnt in school with a private tutor whilst improving general fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The more exposure to a new language the better.

How will my child benefit from learning French and/or English with Lingo Bros? We focus on getting children to speak, which is the most challenging part of learning a new language. With us, it’s about building their confidence to speak the language rather than just understanding or mimicking the instructor. This way our students learn to engage in conversation because they feel empowered to do so and begin, using day-to-day French and English that they can quickly put into practice.